When I heard about MVP, the first thing that comes to mind is it is one of the biggest production Houses in Indonesia, lead by a very successful enterpreneur, Mr. Raam Punjabi.

Mr. Raam Punjabi is a seasoned businessman who has been in the business for a long time. He knows the nuts and bolts of the business. I have known P Raam since 2005. Not only is he a true friend, but he is also a business partner in our real estate projects. I truly honor his integrity in doing business, and always respect his decision as he always has a critical mind. Friendship for Mr Raam Punjabi is something he puts as highest importance, and therefore business comes second. When everything is based on friendship, then business will be sustainable..." Thanks, and all the best.

Harun – Ciputra

Raam Punjabi’s success is not without the earnest belief he has over his films. Listening to him share storylines and characters in his TV series often leaves us captivated and determined it would be accepted by the Indonesian audience. That belief comes with hard work and perseverance.

"Raam Punjabi is someone who would not hesitate to dive into different segments to ensure his TV series receives the ratings it deserves". His creative spirit combined with his instinct to understand the market as well as his management capabilities in leading Multivision Plus makes him a rounded salesman able to convince any TV station. Until this date, he has lethal combination unmatched by other figures in the entertainment industry in Indonesia.

Eddy Sariaatmadja

SCTV Golden Village has worked with MVP since 2007 and we would not have asked for a better partner and a genuine friend. So we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere admiration to Raam Punjabi and his team at MVP for their passion and dedication through the years. "The MVP produced films such as Riddick and Looper have contributed to our market share increases and enhanced product offerings of our cinemas". As MVP, the Singapore market success boils down to the passion for great films.

Clara Cheo - Golden Village

"Multivision Plus is progressive, innovative, and always moving forward".

We found our cooperation to be collegial with their collaborative spirit to be open with new ideas. With their focused executives we can guarantee they have great possibilities of expansion.

David Kornblum – Disney

MVP has been a business partner of Astro for more than a decade as a supplier of Indonesian TV programming and in a number of ventures in TV and film content distribution. "Raam Punjabi and his team are never short of creative ideas that challenge the norm". We have worked together to produce high quality programming built with a competitive advantage in very demanding markets.

Ralph Marshall

"Raam Punjabi is an honest and kind businessman". With his talent we have watched him expand the company as large as the footprints he has built today even segueing his way into the exhibition business. The foundation of our relationship has been based on trust. Time and time again our business is done over words and has resulted in an extremely valuable outcome. We stand by Raam and the Multivision family to support their growth across Southeast Asia in what we call as the ‘baby territories’ encompassing areas from Cambodia to Mongolia, Timor Leste, Myanmmar, Laos, and more. We wish them the best of luck and we look forward to continue to grow together.

Avi Lerner - Nu Image

We have been doing a variety of businesses with Raam Punjabi and MVP for several years. He has been involved in the cinema business as a producer, distributor and exhibitor. Due to his thorough knowledge of the business we have licensed films from him and also have two joint ventures in development. As Major Cineplex is a publically traded company, we are very selective and careful bout joint venturing. "Raam has not only established his expertise, but more importantly is reliable and honest to an extent that we can comfortably join with him in business". He has always been good to his word and we look forward to additional ventures with him.

Vicha Poolvaraluk - Major Cineplex